What is Traditional Thai Body Massage? 10 Surprising Benefits

What is Traditional Thai Body Massage

Traditional Thai massage is different from standard Swedish and deep-tissue massage as it mainly focuses on the flow of blood and pressure points, which promotes internal health and healing of many symptoms caused by cramped muscles. 

Thai Yoga massage as the recipient will be placed on a mattress on the floor, and the therapist will use their hands and feet to knead and press muscles along the body’s energy lines and incorporate yoga stretching movements. The recipient will need to wear comfortable clothes and flowing clothing as there will be no oil or massage products used.

In Bangladesh, Spa is a common term among the people. To refresh themselves, they enjoy different types of massages, but Thai massage is the most popular in Bangladesh.

10 Surprising Benefits of Traditional Thai Massage

Relieves headaches: According to research, for those who suffer from migraines or chronic tension headaches, Thai massage can help reduce headaches caused by migraines or tension.

Reduces back pain: Thai massage is very effective in reducing back pain and improving flexibility. Helping the muscles unwind and getting the blood to flow are constituents of many massage techniques.

Relieves joint stiffness and pain: Thai massage improves joint flexibility and function.Increases flexibility and range of motion: Thai massage increases the range of motion. Yoga-like movements are used in Thai massage, which has been shown to enhance flexibility and improve athletic performance.

Reduces stress and anxiety: Thai massage is one of the most appealing aspects of massage treatment, and it provides a feeling of relaxation and tranquility. This massage can help reduce stress and anxiety, which is relaxing and energizing. It also helps with insomnia. Among the various therapies, Thai massage is best for reducing anxiety and boosting a general sense of calm.

Improves Sleep Quality: Thai massage not only promotes relaxation and reduces tension, as well as it also improves peaceful sleep. According to the US National Institutes of Health, Thai massage treatment reduces fatigue and improves sleep quality.

Energy Release: Whether you have a foot massage or a full body massage, all will have the same relaxing and energizing effects, making you feel lighter and less lethargic. The body, mind, and beyond are connected in harmony through manipulation, massage, stretching, and pressure-creating movements, which also release energy. As a result, you may experience an increase in energy, which lasts well beyond the session and opens doors of vitality.

Who should not get a Thai?

It is important to let the therapist know if you experience any discomfort during the massage, if you have an injury or a particular part of the body, or if the body is sore or sensitive to pain. The presence of the following medical conditions requires a doctor’s approval before getting a Thai massage:

  • Blood vessel disorders

  • Diabetes

  • Conditions that affect the spine, such as spondylosis

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Recent surgery

  • Open wounds

  • Muscle, ligament, and bone injuries

  • Cancer

  • Burns

  • Bleeding disorders

  • Thai massage is not recommended for pregnant women.


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